All businesses rely on information of one sort or another to operate more efficiently, at lower costs and with greater effectiveness. Nowadays, it’s accepted that the vast majority of businesses use online information systems to store and process their data. The problem lies in the vulnerability of these, often sizeable, systems – the solution lies in their protection.

It is also fair to say that an increasing amount of public attention has been placed on the way in which organisations manage and protect their data, from confidentiality of personal information through to how organisations actually use the data they collect and what they use it for. Where something of value has been created by one, it is often the case that another shall attempt to take it – this is no less true when it comes to cyber security, and with public pressure brought to bear, the creation and subsequent loss of information can be a double blow.

Ingenio Global understands the pressures in running a business, and the complete outlook a business must have when focusing on achieving its goals. But in order to allow any business to do this, it also understands the real need for the recruitment of appropriate highly-skilled cyber security professionals for the protection of a business’ information systems.

Only candidates who can provide accurate and technical knowledge to all facets of a business operation are those offered by Ingenio Global. From protection of hardware as businesses increase their reliance on portable devices, smartphones and televisions to protection of a business’ software from infiltration online, using Bluetooth or wireless networks – Ingenio Global have cyber security work vacant and are currently recruiting a suitable professional to fill the role. Of course, as information technology grows, so does the necessity for someone to protect it and, regardless of the size of a business, the requirement for a bespoke cyber security professional either as manager or team player can be catered for.

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